Christmas in Lake Forest Park

tinsel our
Christmas tree~07

Candle Craft

Christmas in Lake Forest Park

Some people
just seem to
get in front
of the camera
more than others!

Christmas in Lake Forest Park

l to R:

Nathan Wray
Johnny Skjelbred
Jerry Wray
Will Giuliani

Christmas in Lake Forest Park, Wa

Christmas Day!

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l to r:
Jerry Wray
Will Giuliani
Joan Giuliani
Nathan Wray
Johnny Skjelbred
Ray Skjelbred

Christmas in Lake Forest Park, Wa

Joan ~ Will

hot heads
cold feet




Christmas Tree of the Day


click on the photo
and it is big & clear


Christmas Tree of the Day


only 9 days
'til Christmas!


Remembering Bill

Bill was Santa
to the children in
the village in Thailand
where Jane and Bill
lived last December.
Darling man!
Our love to Jane and Jessica
throughout this difficult holiday

Only posting
The Tree of the Day from now on
...but I'll be back after New Years.
with pictures of Bob & Kathy's Thanksgiving
...and their grandson, little Zachy!
..also any holiday or other pictures that you send me...
...as well as some golden oldies I've dug up.
bye for now.

Christmas Tree of the Day




Christmas Tree of the Day

Only 14 days until Christmas!

I will post
a new tree
every day marking
the countdown.

Send me a photo
or your own if it's up and trimmed?

Ray on youtube

Here's Ray Skjelbred (5 years old
his father Reidar
his cousin Bodil
and Reidar's mother
at the Skjelbred farm
in Drammen, Norway

Here's Ray Skjelbred a couple of weeks ago
in Sacramento playing Dance of the Witch Hazels
Copy the url below to see and hear him.


Remembering Bill

photographs by Bill Heine

taken at Santa Cruz

Family Reunion


Remembering Bill

Thoughts about Bill Heine by Susan Wray

Pastel of Beech trees
also by Susan Wray

Among my memories of Bill is the time my kids and I lived in Central Green apartments, neighbors of Jane and Bill, Jessica and David. Alvin, a little Indian neighbor boy, mistook the moniker " Uncle Bill" for "Taco Bell." Around the same time, David mistakenly called Uncle Johnny 'Onald Junky". Both nicknames stuck with us. I remember around the holidays Jane and I plaintively crooning Christmas carols and suddenly Bill, in perfect harmony, joined us and made us sound good. Many years later, I traveled to San Jose on business and Bill picked me up from the airport. We went for a walk on a beach that was littered with big round stones and Bill explained his belief in the Big Bang theory. He was often thinking deep cosmic thoughts. In Thailand with Jane and Bill, when we would eat together, Bill mostly held court on one scientific theory or another. His brain was already cranking at breakfast. He was a dear man and I always thought he had beautiful hands. I'm grateful my kids and husband got to spend time with him this last year of his life.



Remembering Bill

1) Bill and Jane carving pumpkins at the Wrays

2) Jerry and Bill walking on the Wray farm.

3) Jerry and Bill walking on the Wray farm


I love this card!


colored pencil
on construction paper

artist unknown

...if anyone has any photos or stories or anecdotes about Bill...please send them to me and I will post them to THE FAMILY BLOG

Remembering Bill

I took a long walk and thought about Bill.

What a gentle (always the first word that comes to mind), kind, tolerant, peaceful man.

I think of his artwork; his sensitive drawings, his beautiful photographs (and of course the photograph of him as a Thai Santa last year with all the kids around him).

I think of what a great dad he was to Jessica and David...and what a supportive husband and friend he has been to Jane.

I think of Bill the imaginative inventor and what his life has been ....and these last years of being retired and metal detecting on Asian shores...and his expertise in computer science...and enjoying his peanut butter on a muffin and muesli at Tommy's...and being with you....and enjoying his retirement.

I loved him very much....and my sympathy is with you.