Had a marvelous walk yesterday, January 4, in Woodinville where there is still a blanket of snow. We hiked along the Sammamish river trail and had lovely sitings.
A river otter playing on the opposite river bank slithering around in the snow clearly having fun, curling and sliding...on our side a Great Blue Heron watched quietly then flew across and landed quite close to said otter! The otter responded with an amazing "funky chicken" mating/territorial head jive after which she slooped into the river. Shortly after that a juvenile bald eagle took off from a tree top up the path and glided over a snowy field dotted with black geese...which all took off and the eagle soared in circles with great satisfaction for a few minutes!
All this made more dramatic by the contrasting colors of the wildlife on the white white snow.


Old English

Used to express joy, encouragement, or triumph.
1. A shout of "huzzah."
2. A cheer.
"Th'dragon is dead! Th'Knights o'th'Round killed'm, they did!"
And a rousing "Huzzah!" arose from the gathered masses.


May your accessories always harmonize
with your natural beauty!


Christmas is over!

a great use for six pack cartons, flatten and corner to corner wrap up your tree lights.

I crocheted dried apple rings onto a jute chain for the ex-Christmas tree, which is now bird friendly on the deck..suety peanut butter pine cones...popcorn and oranges...also safflower cylinder that I am told is not interesting to squirrels or crows.. we'll see.

here it is

a pink sunset! lovely... g'night to all.


New Year's Day ~ 2010 St. Edwards Park

Here's Joe!
Grandson Joe Celestin in the news!
Grandpa (brother John) submitted Joe's big catfish catch
to the November edition of Western Outdoor News

what a whopper!

Ray's granddaughter, Hannah, posts a picture
of her winter wonderland backyard in Coeur D'alene, Idaho.
brrrrr, but beautiful. Thanks Hannah!

Peggy Wray left Kalamazoo in Fall of 2010
on a big Westward Ho! adventure to San Francisco.

Excited Peggy, but who is that with the antlers? ha

Kalamazoo train station

goodbye to friends

All aboard!

...she was living and working in the Haight-Ashbury district..but home for the Holidays!
Where will she go next?