Late Winter Night's Dream

I will make you a bed out of beet greens
and layer them thick and damp
filling in the spaces
with dandelion flowers and bits of loofah

I will keep on working until it is three feet tall
and is loaded with spring and weight
Then, before it dries out, across this mattress
I will spread and flatten seaweed
and clumps of moss

Rest on this heavy green sponge
roll from side to side on its edges and fur.
It is cool against your heat.
Drop into it as if dosed
with Shakespearean eye drops.

~ E. Bouman


Full HD High Speed Movie - Eagleowl - Photron SA2

I'll be planting my patio pots soon!
Lead me not into temptation I can find it all by myself

ooooh Gawd!

another very good reason to never vacuum your house

Gallery bound...

detail from Homeless in Seattle
another detail
Homeless in Seattle by Johnny
Johnny's Artwork...look for it at the Henry Art gallery. Date TBA


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run away
move forward

look up!


ideas for walls...inspiring